About us

FT textiles have been promoted by Mr. Faiyyaz Mulla. He entered the business through the small-scale Manufacturing industry and later ventured into trading. Now He has both shuttle looms and shuttleless looms. In shuttle looms he has about 9000 looms, 35 warpings and in shuttleless looms he has Air Jet, Water Jet, Semi Air Jet machines, and large manufacturing as well as trading network. He has extensive knowledge and experience of over 20 years in respective fields.
To meet the ever-rising demand of the textile industry, FT textile was established in the year 1999, and in 2010 we converted into Private Limited Company. We FT TEXTILE PVT LTD is based in Bhiwandi Maharashtra.





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Fabric after leaving the loom it is not readily useable called grey fabric at this stage, it contains natural and added impurities. Sometimes it is also processed at fiber stages of textile manufacturing. Grey fabric goes through a series of processes such as Dying process and printing process.

Finish Fabric

Finishing is a broad range of physical and chemical processes and treatments that complete the fabric. Finishing adds value to the fabric and makes it more attractive, useful, and functional for the end-user. Improving surface feel, aesthetics, and the addition of advanced chemical finishes.


Our Brands

FT FabricS

Mr.Ziya Mulla has been promoting FT Fabric. He began his career in the small-scale manufacturing industry before branching out into trade. He now has shuttle looms as well as shuttleless looms. He has considerable expertise and experience in his various disciplines, spanning over 15 years.

FT CreationS

Mr.Riyaz Mulla has advocated FT Creation. He began in the small-scale manufacturing industry and then expanded into trade. He now has shuttle looms as well as shuttleless looms. He has vast knowledge and over 18 years of experience in his various disciplines.

FT Industries

FT Textiles' child business is FT Industries. Mr.Sahil Mulla is the promoter of FT Industries. He got his start in the industry through trading. Our product line is praised for its high quality, low cost, and prompt delivery. We achieve our objectives with the best management, acute business acumen, smart investment, and foresight.

Main Office


903, Royal Square, 173 Dr. Vigas Street, Kalbadevi Road, Mumbai - 400 002